#438: New Work Computer

At my job not everyone has a computer at their desk, and until last week I was one of those people. It didn’t matter too much because I don’t always need one, and with some of my tasks I prefer as much work space as possible. When I need a computer, most of the time I can borrow someone else’s who doesn’t need it at the moment, but not always and it could be a huge pain to find one that was available and worked. Last week they upgraded all the computers, which was LONG overdue, and I got a computer at my desk! Since I didn’t have one before it took a couple of days for it to be fully operational, but I am SO happy to finally have one! It’ll make my job so much easier especially with the new operating system the installed with the computers.

#438: Thank you Lord for my new computer at work. Not having one has caused so many problems and now most of them will be solved, and make my job so much easier.

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#423: My Boss is Back

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that my boss broke his ankle and has been out from work. Well today was his first day back, and let me tell you everyone in the department was glad to see him! The whole atmosphere today felt different, not that it was bad while he was gone, it was just different today and better than it has been. Everyone did their jobs well while he was gone, and many people went above and beyond their job descriptions, but I think we were all ready for him to come back so we could go back to normal.

#423: Thank you Lord that my boss is back at work, so we can go back to normal. Thank you that he is healing from his injury and help continue to heal.

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#420: Leads at Work

At my job each supervisor has a lead under them to make their job easier, and help them employees in the department. My department has three supervisors and three leads and I’m grateful for each of the leads, (because they’re awesome!) for different reasons. “J” is my direct lead and she’s had to take on a lot more responsibility recently because my supervisor broke his ankle a couple of weeks ago and is out for a while. She’s doing a great job, and I know it can’t be easy for her, but I’m grateful to have her in his absence. “F” is what I like to call the tech guru of the department. Whenever I’m having a computer problem I know I can take it to him and he can most likely fix it, or help me find a way to work around it. I like to jokingly say that he has “the magic touch” when it comes to computers. I don’t have as much contact with “E” as the other leads but when I do need him he’s always willing to help me.

#420: Thank you Lord for the leads at work. They make the supervisors’ jobs so much easier and are so helpful to the rest of us!

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Day 296: Slow Days

At work yesterday there was a computer problem which drastically effected the amount of work processed, and carried over to today. As a result yesterday and today were pretty slow work-wise for me, and tomorrow will probably be extremely busy. Normally I don’t like slow days at work, they can be very boring and mean that I have to do tasks I really don’t enjoy. But considering how tomorrow will probably be, I’m glad today was slow so I had a breather and time to mentally prepare. It’s nice to have a mix of slow, normal and fast days at work to have some variety, and so things don’t become monotonous.

Day 296: Thank you Lord for slow days at work, especially before and after really busy days so I can relax and not go crazy trying to get things done.

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Day 289: My Boss

Since today is National Boss’ Day it seemed like the perfect day to write about my boss. I’ve been very fortunate in the jobs that I’ve had with my bosses, while some have been better than others I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad boss. They’ve all been encouraging, and given me the supervision I’ve needed without being overbearing. If I have a question they’ve answered it nicely and patiently, even if I’ve had to ask them the same question multiple times.

I think my current boss is one of the best I’ve ever had. While she’s not perfect, and there’s one area in particular that I think she needs a lot of improvement in, overall she is the most understanding boss I think I’ve ever had. If I come to her with a problem she takes time to help me, I’ve never seen her get upset or angry with any of the employees under her, and she leads our team well. If I ever have a department of people under me I hope I can be like her!

Day 289: Thank you Lord for my boss, how she leads our team, and what a good example she is! Thank you also for the other bosses I’ve had over the years, and that I’ve never had a bad one.

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Day 238: My Coworkers

Quite a few of my coworkers were off today which made my job even more complicated. At my job the work I process goes through between 4 and 7 other people depending on what task I’m working on before it gets to me, which can mean I have to wait for other people to do their job before I can do mine. Because so many people were off today I was basically doing the work of three people, but because so many other people were off I would go through spurts of tons of work to do followed by time when there wasn’t anything to do. Needless to say it made for an interesting day, and truly helped me realize how much I rely on my coworkers and how I don’t appreciate them as much as I should.

Day 238: Thank you Lord for my coworkers, they can make my job so much easier yet so much harder. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without them.

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Day 186: Today at Work

I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out exactly what to call what I’m thankful for today, so I’m just going to explain what happened at work today. Because of some stuff that happened on Wednesday, and the fact that yesterday was a holiday, I knew when I got to work today there would be an enormous amount of work to do, and when I left work Wednesday I was already dreading today. When I arrived this morning I immediately saw I was correct and there was even a bit more work than I had thought there would be. Quite a few people were off work today which added even more pressure to the situation.

The first thing my boss said to me when I saw her was “you’re going to need to kick it into high gear today.” I immediately went to work, and I’m not exactly sure what happened but I just got in a zone, and worked quicker than I ever have at my job. The only thing I can think of is I knew we had to get this work done today and that put me in the right mindset, and I had posted something on Facebook and had casually mentioned to a few people that I wasn’t looking forward to today, and at least one person has told me they were praying for me today. (It also helped that I was listening to an excellent audio book, A Blaze of Glory by Jeff Shaara, while I was working) I have to keep track of my production each day and at the end of the day I was shocked to discover that for the two tasks I did today I processed more documents in each of those tasks than I ever have on a day when I mainly did one of them!

It wasn’t just me who did an amazing amount of work today. At 3:30 I looked at the amount of work processed and it looked like 5 o’clock on a busy fully staffed day, and we weren’t done yet! I don’t know what exactly was going on today, but I went from dreading the day in the morning, and fully expecting to work overtime, to being floored by all the work we got done by the end! I can only thank God for what he did today!

Day 186: Thank you Lord for all the work you helped us process at work today! I just want to give you all the glory for what you helped me do today!

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